Gardens and Sculpture Precinct

Ammazulu Gardens and Sculpture Precinct

The precinct includes 20 Acres of Gardens, 5 Galleries and a Coffee pavilion.
We are open for Lunch bookings during the week.
Picnic baskets made to order.

Sculpture Gardens

The Ammazulu Garden promises to brighten up your day. 20 Acres (with garden paths) to explore and enjoy. It takes time to absorb it all so take an afternoon or morning off and come and relax in this outlandish, fantastical, heavenly setting.

The sculpture garden houses in excess of 120 sculptures by artists from all over. African as well as international.

The garden was originally part of a cattle farm and over the past 70 years Mrs Winkle (deceased) the original owner, and her son Peter, the current owner, has converted what was once grassland and Blue gums into a magical fantasy world where artistic expression has no labels or barriers.

Peter believes that even junk has its own beauty and presence and this is evident in the many objects and sculptures all over the garden that is made from recycled junk.

This garden is about fantasy and dreams which should never be given boundaries or endings...

The Sculpture Precinct

The sculpture precinct consists of five ethereal galleries nestled amongst the architectural backdrop of gigantic trees and tropical palms. A permanent exhibition by Andries Botha comprises of Andries’s personal collection of sculptures entitled “…it takes everything” the exhibit is housed in a magnificent three storey high 600 square meter space. The work explores and helps one understand the complex, yet inspiring, human journey that we as South Africans have lived through over the past 40 years. The exhibition is curated by Janine Zagel and Jessica Bothma.

The Coffee Pavilion

An informal space to relax and have a delicious light meal, rich and creamy cake or pastry or a simply refreshing cup of tea.


84 - 88 Kloof Falls Road, Kloof,
Durban, Kwazulu-Natal
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